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"Child Stroller Easy to use as Carseat"
"Lightweight and easy ... does double duty "

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"Carseat/Stroller Combo takes Headache out of Travel "
Introducing The STROLEX 2
Infant Carseat/Stroller/Flight Seat

Travellers with Infants Birth to 22 lbs. Rear Facing

Imagine how convenient travel becomes with your STROLEX 2 : you fly into town with your baby beside you in the FAA-approved flight seat. When it's time to disembark from the plane, you transform your STROLEX 2 from flight seat to stroller, which rolls down the plane's aisle, then up the jetway into the airport. You stop for a quick bite to eat, and the STROLEX 2 becomes a handy booster seat for the table. Then it's back to stroller as you leave the terminal to hail a taxi. The stroller transforms into a carseat which quickly buckles into the taxi, and you're ready to continue your journey.

The STROLEX 2 is the only way to travel with your infant.

From Carseat to Stroller at the touch of a red button!
Infant Baby Carseat / Stroller / Flight Seat

Press the red button, push the handle and it becomes a carseat.

Press the red button, pull the handle and you are back to a stroller.

It's that simple!


All-in-One Carseat / Stroller
Booster / Flight Seat / Rocker


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Installing the STROLEX 2 in your Car is easy!
STROLEX 2 Installation

Easy and snug installation in your car.

Rear facing - the safest way for infants.

Use your car lap belt.



Worlds First Infant ONLY Travel System
All-in-One Carseat / Stroller / Flight Seat

Easily fits down Airline Aisles
Width 16 3/4"
Weight 14 lbs.
Handle Height 40"
Inside Back 18"
Seat Front to Back 12"
Color Blue and White
Wheels 6" dual swivel
Warranty 1 year
Return Policy see order page
Customer Comments

"WOW, that is what all the people were saying when they saw our infant Strolex 2 coming out of the airport van or car and turn into a perfectly fine stroller that let me know I had something special.
My husband and I own our own businesses and together we travel over 100K a year on business and anticipate that the new baby will come with us as much as practicable. When we saw the infant Strolex we needed one.

We have only been on one trip to NYC, but the simplicity of having a carseat that easily straps into the airport van or the car makes it perfect for families that travel. I also used it to go shopping yesterday and it eliminated the need to wake the baby to transfer her from the carseat to a stroller or having to carry the bassinet throughout the store. This week we are off to Denver, baby and Strolex and anticipate another smooth airplane to rental car transition.

I cannot recommend it more" - M. Ciancolo Chicago, IL

"A wonderful invention ... and worth every penny!" - D. Kester Bridgeton, MO

"Really ... how terrific it is to have STROLEX 2 ... it saves us a lot of trunk space when travelling."
- A. & M. Lloyd Fenton, IL

"It is so light and easy to operate that even my 10 year old can take his baby sister out ..."
- G. Ross Tipton, IA

"... but I think the most impressive thing is how slick the wheels fold up ... and are hidden underneath ... when in car seat mode." - T. & P. DeCap Dubuque, IA

"We have total strangers coming up to us ... and asking to see how it works ... and where they could get one." - R. Bauer Prairie du Chien, WI

" ... wish STROLEX 2 had been around when my first kid was young ..." - B. Larson Danville, IL

"...love it! Thank you!" - C. Vogel Minden, NV

All-in-One Carseat / Stroller
Booster / Flight Seat / Rocker


FREE U.S. Ground Shipping
FREE Sunshade
FREE Mesh Bag


Designed to meet strict U.S.
Government Safety Regulations

STROLEX 2 goes beyond the standards with red and green indicators located in the buckle and chest clip to insure proper and secure latching. Another techological advancement is the true 5 point safety harness. Ergonomically designed to be tip-resistant, the sturdiness of STROLEX 2 gives security to you and your baby. Extra-large 6" dual-swivel front wheels can be locked into the forward position. The rugged 18 gauge glossy white powder-coated steel tubing frame will NOT buckle or rust. Using steel instead of aluminum insures that your carseat stroller has the finest, strongest, and most durable frame available anywhere on the market! STROLEX 2 is inlaid with high impact absorbing foam (the same padding as used in football helmets) for added neck and head protection for your child. No other carseat uses this kind of extra safeguarding. STROLEX 2 is designed to be rear-facing only and is rated for up to a 22.5 lb. infant. For technical specifications, STROLEX 2 complies with FMV-213 Dynamic Sled Test, FMV-302 and FMV-309 Flammability & Buckle Release Regulations from NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) and FAA-213 for use in ALL commercial aircraft. The STROLEX 2 complies or exceeds ALL Government Highway and FAA safety regulations. The compact and efficient design allows STROLEX 2 to glide comfortably through ALL aisles or over ANY terrain!

proudly made in the USA
Rear-Facing Infant Carseats

Babies should be in rear-facing car seats for at least one year and until they weigh at least 20 pounds, but that's really a minimum standard. Extended rear-facing, beyond one year and 20 pounds, has big safety advantages that parents should consider.

You've probably heard the one year/20 pounds advice from many sources, including your pediatrician, the car seat company and possibly your state's car seat law. Let's take a look at the reasons for keeping babies rear-facing in car seats, why you should never turn baby around early, and some reasons why you might want to delay the big turnaround.

Why Rear-Facing? Car seats are designed to absorb some crash forces and spread remaining crash forces over a larger area of the body. For adults, seat belts distribute the bulk of the force to the strongest parts of the body, the hips and shoulders.

Infants don't have body parts that are strong enough to withstand crash forces, so the rear-facing car seat distributes the crash force along the entire back, neck and head, putting less stress on one part of the body. The infant's head, which is large and heavy for a still delicate neck to support, is also better supported with a rear-facing car seat. The incidence of severe head and neck injuries for babies is greatly reduced in rear-facing car seats. The baby's "ride-down time," or the time it takes to come to a complete stop, is also lengthened, which reduces injuries by reducing the body trauma from a sudden stop.

The additional support plus the manner in which a rear-facing car seat "rides down" in a crash gives your baby the best chance for survival and less chance of injury in a crash. The simple way to estimate crash force is weight times speed. So a 10-pound baby in a 30 mph crash would experience 300 pounds of force. A rear-facing car seat spreads that 300 pounds of force over a greater body area, causing less injury to the baby.

My Baby Wants to Be Front-Facing! Even if your baby's legs are touching the seat back, or the baby cries when rear-facing, you should still keep baby rear-facing to at least one year and 20 pounds. Both requirements must be met before turning baby around. An 18-pound 14-month-old baby should rear-face because her body is not big enough to tolerate crash forces in a forward-facing car seat. Likewise, a 25-pound 10-month-old should remain rear-facing because his neck is not sufficiently developed to handle the crash forces while in a forward-facing car seat.

Many parents worry that their baby will suffer broken legs in a crash because baby's legs touch the seat back or look cramped when rear-facing. It's important to remember, though, that in a crash severe enough to break baby's legs, there would also be enough force to cause severe neck injuries if your young baby was forward-facing. While it's never fun to choose between injuries, the chance of full recovery is greater for broken legs than broken necks. Similarly, if your baby fusses while in a rear-facing car seat, it may seem easy to turn baby around to keep him or her happy. Again, though, you're choosing between a fussing baby or the chance of severe head, neck and spine injuries.

My Baby is One Year Old and 20 Pounds! Now What? Technically, it's OK to turn your baby around now, but before you do, consider the safety benefits of extended rear-facing. Car seat safety advocates, along with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) now recommend that babies stay in a rear-facing car seat to the weight limit of the seat, or as long as possible. If your baby's car seat has a rear-facing weight limit of 30 pounds, these groups say you should keep baby rear-facing to 30 pounds. Some car seats have rear-facing weight limits up to 35 pounds, which can accomodate the average child through age 2 and maybe beyond. You should also check the manufacturer's rear-facing height limit to be sure baby is not too tall to safely stay rear-facing to the weight limit.

Why would you want to keep your child rear-facing? Crash data shows us that anybody is safer in a crash when riding rear-facing for the reasons we outlined above. Even though your baby's neck is now strong enough to withstand the forward-facing crash forces, he or she is still better protected in a rear-facing car seat because that seat still distributes the force over a greater body area and still gives better support to their young head and neck.

A forward-facing car seat is safe after one year AND 20 pounds, but a rear-facing car seat is safer. According to NHTSA, a rear-facing car seat is 71 percent safer than no restraint at all, and a forward-facing car seat is 54 percent safer than no restraint at all. Keeping your baby rear-facing to the limit of the seat is the safest choice. You can check your car seat instruction book or the labels on the car seat sides to find the rear-facing weight and height limits.

Heather Corley is a NHTSA-certified Child Passenger Safety Technician

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Never Again

Never Again

With the STROLEX 2 you will never have to carry your baby.

How do you get this on an airplane?

How much time does it take to setup the stroller?

Now you can make room for the golf clubs.

All-in-One Carseat / Stroller
Booster / Flight Seat / Rocker


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